Children’s Work

A Fabulous Days Work

by Charis Troy year 6


Its paws scrape across the floor,

Watching out for danger.

It guards the land like its own,

Protects it like a ranger.


Its lonely heart works alone,

No one else to hear him.

He works hard all day watching hard,

Until the sun goes dim.


His tail wags and barks aloud,

When danger is near.

Starts to attack fiercely,

So now his owner’s here.


They hide around a corner,

And start to crawl and lurk.

Then jump out and scare him off,

A fabulous day’s work.


Forever Hunting

by Megan Black year 6


The creeping tiger hunting it’s prey,

Prowling, prowling day by day.

Never, never at its rest,

Looking for dinner at its best.


Tiger rolling in the snow,

A glittering kingdom all his own.

Never ever out of sight,

The loving antelope ready to bite.


Approaches him the lands striped king,

Prey spots predator, let the chase begin.

Running, running fast as light,

The tiger eye fixed on tight.


The tiger jumps to the clouds,

The strange sight, the strange sound.

Stomach now full, full to the top,

Beware of me I’m the good cop.




The Tiger

By Hannah Buchanan Year 6


The tiger prowls, like a panther,

Looking for his prey.

Looking sharply around,

To make his kill for the day.


His stripy, shiny coat,

Orange and bright to see.

With his victim sighted,

I think he’s noticed ME!


He pounces in the morning sky,

As high as he could be.

He gives a big hug,

And that’s the end of me!


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