‘Frequently Asked Questions’ will be kept here.

What should I do if it is snowing on the morning of a school day?
We normally get inundated with calls on these days. If you can’t get through, listen to the local radio stations and they will report whether the School is closed. The Radio stations to listen to are Beacon Radio 97.2 fm, BRMB Radio 96.4, Heart Fm 100.7 fm.  We will put any closure on this web site as soon as we can.

Do I have to send a letter following a child’s absence If I have already telephoned school?
Yes, a telephone call on the morning of the absence (we need to make sure at the earliest opportunity the reason why the child is out of school) followed by a letter to the class teacher giving details of the absence for the official attendance records.

What are the school times?
The morning whistle will be blown at 8:50 am
Morning break is at 11:00am until 11:15am.
Lunch time begins at 12:10pm for Key stage 1 and Reception. It begins 5 minutes later for Key stage 2. The whistle will be blown for the end of lunchtime at 1:15pm.
School finishes at 3:15pm

Am I allowed to come into school to see a teacher?
If you need to see a teacher, please use the main entrance at the front of the school and arrange it with the office personnel.

When do I need a holiday form?
For genuine holidays (i.e. 1 day upwards) collect a holiday form from the school office. For odd days out etc submit a note to the class teacher giving full details.

Can I pay my Childs dinner money weekly?
No – school operates a daily dinner money collection. All monies are balanced and banked each day.
Key stage 1 (YR to Y2) children hand their dinner money to the class teacher at registration in purses/containers with their names clearly marked.
Key stage 2 (Y3 to Y6) children are responsible for keeping there own dinner money safe until lunchtime.
Please do not ask office staff for change – money is not kept on the premises. Any change will be given to the child after the lunch break.

What do I do with my Childs inhaler?
Inhalers are kept in the Childs classroom so that they can be used immediately. They should be clearly marked with the child’s name. Parents are responsible for removing out of date inhalers. Parents should also complete an “authorisation for inhalers in school” form available from the office.
Teaching and office staff are not allowed to dispense any kind of medicine to pupils in school. Parents / carers may come into school, via the school office, if a pupil needs medicine during the school day.

What should I do if my child is late for school and the entrance they go through is locked?
The morning whistle will blow at 8:50am. After that the children will do Wakeup Shakeup. Following this, the children will enter school. For security reasons, the perimeter doors and school gates will be locked after the last child has entered the school. If doors and gates are locked, please enter the school at the reception/office entrance. Make sure that your child has been registered at the office if they are late.

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