Mr  G McBurnie (

Deputy headteacher 

Mrs S Clarke (

Nursery staff

Mrs Janos (teacher)
Mrs Whitehouse (Nursery nurse)
Mrs Norwood (Foundation stage leader)
Mrs Spicer (Class Teacher)
Mrs Bird (teaching assistant)
Mrs Francis (teaching assistant)

Key Stage 1
Year 1 

Mrs Bradbury (class teacher, science co-ordinator)  

Mrs Hemstock (class teacher)

Miss Hathaway (class teacher) 

Mrs Matthews (teaching assistant) 

Mrs Sharratt (teaching assistant & lunchtime supervisor) 

Mrs Emery (teaching assistant)

Year 2
Mr Austin (Key stage 1 leader and ICT co-ordinator)
Miss Hall (Geography co-ordinator)
Mrs Williams  (teaching assistant)
Mrs Mortimer  (teaching assistant)

Key Stage 2
Year 3
Mr Wilkes (Design & Technology co-ordinator, Health and Safety)
Miss Fry (History co-ordinator)
Mrs O’Brien  (teaching assistant)
Mrs Hendon (Higher level teaching assistant, peer mediation)
Year 4
Mrs Keefe (Inclusion leader)
Mr Moore (Schools council and BLP leader)
Mrs Morris (teaching assistant)
Mrs Hayward (teaching assistant, nurture)
Mrs Ludford (teaching assistant and senior lunchtime supervisor)

Year 5
Miss Cheal (Art co-ordinator)
Mrs Willis (Gifted and talented)
MrsHollinshead(teaching assistant)
Mrs Spurrier  (teaching assistant)
Mrs Dalton (teaching assistant)
Year 6
Mrs Rogers (Assistant head teacher, Curriculum development and KS2 leader)
Mrs Cooper (Literacy co-ordinator)
Mrs Hopley (Higher level teaching assistant, eco-co-ordinator, TA line manager and RM Maths)
Mrs Cresswell (teaching assistant and RM Maths)                                                                                                                                            Miss Haddaway (teaching assistant)

Mrs Peasley (Outdoor Education and PSHE co-ordinator)
Mrs Richards (Music for KS1 and Foundation)                                                                                                                                               Mrs Johnson (SEN assistant, teaching assistant and senior lunchtime supervisor)
Mr Hawkins (Sports coach) 

Mrs Hunter (office staff)
Mrs Bayliss (office staff)
Mrs Waterson (Senior Lunchtime supervisor)

Mr Adams (premises manager)

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