At Chase Terrace Primary we pride ourselves in having a smart uniform. We want children to be recognised and the community to be proud of our school so we encourage parents and carers to help ensure children are dressed in a way that reflects our growing reputation.

Main School
Burgundy or yellow polo shirts – with or without badges.
Girls – Burgundy or black skirts / pinafores.
Boys – Black trousers

Optional summer wear
Girls – Yellow / white check OR Burgundy white check summer dresses
Boys – Black or Grey shorts

Indoor P.E. kit (these are compulsory)
Yellow or Burgundy T-shirts
Black shorts
Black plimsolls

Optional Outdoor games kit
Burgundy track suit preferably with badges
Yellow or burgundy T-shirts
Training shoes
(Please ensure that children have adequate clothing for outdoor games in the autumn and winter months when it is likely to be colder)

Nursery Unit (optional)
Burgundy sweatshirt / cardigans – with or without badges
Burgundy or yellow polo shirts
Burgundy or black skirts / pinafores /Black trousers
Burgundy sweatshirt / fleece / cardigans preferably with badges

For enquiries and information on all other Chase Terrace Primary branded paraphenalia, please contact the school office on 01543 510 500.


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